Yard Celebration

Skip the card, decorate your yard!

Welcome to Yard Celebration… We are now serving the Denton 380 corridor, Providence Village, Paloma Creek, Savannah and Cross Roads!

Yard Celebration is a fun new way to celebrate a special event. Let our team help you make your special occasion more memorable than a traditional card, gift, or flowers.

Perfect for any occasion:

  • Birthday!
  • Welcome Home!
  • Baby Shower!
  • Congratulations!
  • Graduations!
  • Prom’posals!
  • Sports Teams!

The best part about renting a yard celebration sign from us, is that we do all the work!

You pick the date of your event and package that you like… we deliver, set up, and come back to take down when your rental is complete.

To ensure we have your package in stock, don’t delay, BOOK TODAY!!

Information we need to book your package:

  • Name
  • Location
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Date of Event
  • Celebration Package Choice (and additional details you would like to add to package)

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Packages & Pricing

Thank you for choosing Yard Celebration to enhance your event and make a special day even more memorable!

Birthday Package #1 | Multicolor
$60 Weekdays Monday-Thursday
$70 Weekends Friday-Sunday
Package includes – happy birthday, personalized with name.


Birthday Package #2 | Large Cake
$60 Weekdays Monday-Thursday
$70 Weekends Friday-Sunday
Package includes – happy birthday cake with age, personalized with name.

Birthday 2

Birthday Package #3 | Sweet 16
$70 Weekdays Monday-Thursday
$80 Weekends Friday-Sunday
Package includes – multicolor happy birthday, personalized with name and two large yard art cakes with age.

Sweet 16

Add to your birthday package:

Balloons | $10
You can pick any color balloons to add to your package!


Additional Yard Art | $10
Have a big yard? Want to make your celebration surprise stand out even more? You can add celebration art to your package! You can choose cakes, presents or both! 

Yard Art

Cookies | $10
We have teamed up with Cookies By Leah!  We will deliver cookies to any doorstep with the purchase of a Yard Celebration package. Must order 1 week prior to delivery. 


Package includes – welcome home, personalized with baby name & 2 balloon bouquets!

Welcome Home Baby

Business Display | $60
Package can be customized to what you would like it to say with yard art and 2 balloon bouquets!

Business Signs

Sport Display | $50
Package includes – four words with two balloon bouquets!



What is Yard Celebration?

Yard Celebration consists of a group of personalized rental signs displayed in a yard to celebrate a special event, such as the arrival of a new baby, birthday, graduation, welcome home, etc.

What is included in a Yard Celebration package?

Rentals include a display of personalized signs in the yard that can be customized with each order.

When do you deliver and pick up?

All occasion displays are set up after dark the day before to surprise the recipient at the beginning of their special day.  Signs are picked up after dark the following day unless you have purchased additional days. Times may vary depending on your event.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to areas along the Denton 380 corridor.  Please email us to discuss delivery outside of these areas. Delivery fee may apply outside the 380 corridor.

We reserve the right to cancel a delivery if we feel that it would be a danger to us or our displays, and we will contact you if this situation arises.

All display signs are waterproof, however if there are severe weather warnings posted, we will not deliver.  If conditions do not allow delivery, we will contact the customer to make alternative arrangements.

Are reservations required?

It is highly recommended to make an advance reservation to ensure availability. We reserve displays on a first come first served basis.

When do I pay?

Payment is required at the time of reservation.

Can I move the yard sign? 

Please do NOT attempt to move the signs.  We will gladly come and move the signs for you (delivery fee may apply).  We also ask that you do not play on or around the display.  Although the signs look fun, they are not toys.  The sign posts are made of sharp metal and for your safety, please do not touch.  If signs are damaged or lost, replacement fees will be charged to renter.

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE BALLOONS as the entire display is RENTAL ONLY. We use metal stakes to display the balloons and if pulled out of the ground could run a risk of injury to yourself or someone else. We also reuse these plastic and metal stakes for all our displays.

Am I or the recipient allowed to keep any part of the display?

All signs are rentals only. Lost, missing, or damaged signs will incur a replacement fee and will be charged to the renter.

Will the sign display damage my lawn?

Signs are put into the ground with metal stakes.  We carefully install and remove the signs, leaving the yard in proper condition.

Can I mow and water my lawn?

We ask that you turn your sprinkler system off during your rental time agreement. Please do not try to mow or trim grass around the display.  Even grass clippings damage the print on the signs!  Damaged signs will incur a replacement fee and will be charged to the renter.

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